[千の翼] Sen no Tsubasa [TV. Size Violin Cover] | naite

Violin cover of Sen no Tsubasa!

I hope your ears won’t bleed too badly;;


Favourite Character + A character that deserves more love
Q4 ; v; Decided to make the first six days all about him so—

Cross-overs | AU
Where Q-Vier doesn’t die and ends up joining A-Drei ; v ; Well I guess this would’ve just been a general most people are alive AU laughs and cries;; BUT Y EAH he gets the chance to grow up and loses some of the raw brutality he had. While I don’t think he’d ever be a nice person, I think he wouldn’t be a complete ass. (All lies, he pranks everyone all the time and it’s a pain)

Ham+Egg + YoukanCoffee
Coffee’s for Day 7 laug h s//shot
Breakfast and sweets are important!!

A uniform of your choice
|  A character wearing the enemy’s uniform
I don’t know if it actually counts as a uniform and like, technically they were enemies?? but Prince’s clothes aha;;//they kinda feel like some kind of school uniform ok im sorry;; Actually also a future!AU where A-Drei requested that long after his generation was gone, H-Neun, X-Eins and Q-Vier be [reincarnated | cloned] so that they (or a version of them) could live the lives that were taken away from them. 

Favourite Moment from the series | Favourite Quote from the series
Th IS WAS FROM MEMORY SO IDK IF I GOT IT RIGHT but yeah omg it was fantastic wwwwwww

i just really wanted to see Q-Vier with an eyepatch im sorry 

Favourite Ship + Favourite Friendship
Since I can’t not do Coffeeship for this, I’ll just say that the faux-family dynamic that H-Neun, X-Eins and Q-Vier have is ridiculously cute |’D Wish we could’ve seen more of them??? 

an immortal god of death”

[[wow what.png 

there are better ways for me to express this and i think i’ll do them when i think i am coherent enough

also cue everyone as deities because how can i not]]